wendy_2015_croppedWendy gave her first haircut to her older sister when she was 4 years old and Mom said “that’s not cool at all” . But that was then, before the art-based education, at Shining Mountain Waldorf and September schools and before the hair styling academy. Now, when Wendy gives a cut, her clients just say – Wow! She says, “I have a lot of artistic background with my schooling and I have worked in up-market Boulder salons for more than 8 years. I love the challenge of working with highly respected stylists and learning new techniques”.

Wendy worked at Zumo for 4 years prior to moving to Tresca. She specializes in men’s cuts and women’s coloring and styling, from Wall Street hip to runway chic. “This is a fun business and I try to develop styles that compliment a person’s personality”. Even Mom is a client now!